REPUBLIC OF TURKEY MINISTRY OF CULTURE AND TOURISM Kütahya Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism

Regional Activities




Atatürk’s visit to Kütahya

March 24

Conquest of Kütahya Spring Festival

May 6

Simav Circumcision Festival

May 6-10

Spring Festival Celebrations in Simav

1st-2nd-3rd- Sundays of May

Horse Races in Çavdarhisar Hacıbekir Rahvan

May 17-18

Kütahya Evliya Çelebi Chess Tournament

3rd week of May

Turkish Pancake Day in Simav

1st week of June

Tavşanlı (Çukurköy) Şabandede Roasted Chickpea Festival

June 27

Grease Wrestling in Domaniç

1st week of June

Golden Cherry and Sourcherry Festivals in Pazarlar

Last week of June

Culture and Tourism Festival in Çavdarhisar

July 17-18

Cherry-Sourcherry Festival in Şaphane

1st week of July

Gediz Tarhana Festival

August 1-7

Sarımsak Festival in Şaphane(Üçbaş)

August 7

Lignite Culture and Art Festivals in Tavşanlı(Tunçbilek)

August 22

Dumlupınar Victory Week

August 26-30

Kütahya Circumcision Feast

4th week of August

Simav Fair

August 25-September 5

Altıntaş August 30,Cultural and Art Activities

August 28

Altıntaş Zafertepeçalköy Town

August 27-28-29

Liberation of Kütahya

August 30

Kütahya Dumlupınar Fair of Handicrafts and Business

August 15-31

Liberation of Emet, Bor Culture and Thermal Tourism Festival

August 30-September 5

Domaniç,Celebration of Hayme Ana and Migration Festivals

1st Sunday of September

Liberation Day of Tavşanlı

September 3

Liberation of Simav

September 4

Hisarcık Fair of Goods,Animal,Music and Entertainment

September 8-16